Community Thanksgiving Food Program
Sponsored by local churches and Supported by the local community
FEED A FAMILY serves the less fortunate in Stevensville, Chester, Grasonville, Queenstown, and parts of Centreville. Anyone who needs food for Thanksgiving can call for help. This is a neighbor program, sharing God's blessings with others.
Their main focus is getting the Turkey Tags displayed, chosen, filled and delivered to their distribution center, and then delivered to families the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
They use food drive donations to supplement boxes made by folks filling the Turkey Tags, giving a little extra to large families. All extra food gets distributed to local food banks.
Donated grocery gift cards are distributed to church groups that have a Christmas Basket Food Program to allow them to serve more families.
FEED A FAMILY is totally independent: does not work with governmental agencies and receive no outside grants.
They encourage all the local churches to work together, under one database, to attempt to serve as many as need help.
FEED A FAMILY is eternally grateful to the community businesses and groups that support them with physical needs each year: the building, tables, boxes, freezer truck, local produce, fresh bread.
They offer a YOUTH NIGHT service opportunity; organizing and packing the Food Drive donations that go to local food banks.
Needs continue to grow: Would you participate this year?
*Display Family TURKEY TAGS at Church/Business/Organization
*Organize FOOD DRIVE at School/Business/Organization
*VOLUNTEER Time during the week before Thanksgiving for receiving and organizing Food Boxes and Delivering to families
Contact:  Bobbie Bell  410-829-9834
Time Line
September Decide to Participate!
October 1 Applicants begin calling
Oct/Nov Display Tags to be chosen - Organize your Food Drive
The Whole Week Before Thanksgiving
Monday - Tuesday Food Drive Pick Ups
Tuesday Night YOUTH NIGHT
Wednesday - Friday Food Boxes brought to Center